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Automated Employee Deactivation

Dear Waste Management Contractor,

An Important CSO Program Update Is Coming 5/26/2019

On Sunday, May 26, 2019, a daily process will be implemented in the WM CSO Program which will automatically deactivate contractor employees and contractor companies that are no longer active in the WM CSO portal. This new process is being implemented for the following purposes:

·       Reduce the effort required of contractor administrators in managing their company’s CSO Program compliance

·       Eliminate weekly email communications to contractor companies no longer working at Waste Management sites

Upon implementation, the process will:

  1. Deactivate user accounts that have had no activity within 90 days of creation

  2. Deactivate user accounts that have been out of compliance for 30 days

  3. Deactivate companies that no longer have any active users

Important items to note:

  • There is no action require from you. The CSO Portal will automatically update the accounts.
  • Company and user accounts will NOT be deleted from the portal. Their account status will be changed from Active to Inactive which eliminates their compliance requirement and removes them from the weekly email notifications
  • All account history, (prior course completions, confirmed sites, etc.), will remain in the portal so if an employee reactivates in the future their account is intact
  • A user can reactivate their account by simply logging in to the portal. Alternatively, a contractor company administrator can reactive an employee’s account.  The Restore User section of the Contractor Manager User Guide contains instructions on how this can be accomplished.
  • If a user account is reactivated in an inactive company, the company account will automatically be reactivated
  • Email notifications will be sent to contractor company administrators when an employee’s account and/or the company account is deactivated or reactivated

Should you have any questions or issues with an account deactivation, contact the Intelivert Help Desk.  Help Desk information can be found on the CSO portal, using the HELP/FEEDBACK link at the top of each page or View the Guide for Contractors.

Thank you for your cooperation and participation in the Waste Management Contractor Safety Orientation program.

Have a safe day!